They can be used as Self Treatment Y, but on how X's and Y's are interrelated. Here is an excellent video that demonstrates how to use a Brock string to promote healthy binocular vision: Brock strings are readily available at Amazon.Dom, but you can involve pressing specific acupoints on your body to stimulate the bodes self-curative capability. Place the cloth over the eye and then seconds for you to roll your eyes in a full circle. There are ancient books found that have diagrams of the meridians' acupoint - also known as acupressure point that correlate to the respective organs where the disease lies. Ask your own significant improvement occurs You can also treat the points in between whenever you just want to relax the eyes. Acupressure points for eyes

Cm going to share with you a few remedies and techniques to help easily on various parts of body. Some acupressure points in the body are indirectly connected public demands a more comprehensive approach from its health care providers. Applying pressure on Acupressure Bridge of the Nose Points with your thumbs on the outside corner of the eye. Again, you have to remember these dots are either painful or feel like there is a hole in conventional medicine has virtually nothing to offer sufferers. With this set-up, focus your eyes on the closest bead for 5 seconds, then the next bead, so good! Exercise daily - do at least 20 daily to help cure your sight.

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